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The SMARTVEND Company was established in 2009 by Yaron Litman.
The company deals in the development, creation, marketing and sales of vending machines in Israel and the world. As well, it deals in the importation and marketing of drink powders and refills for the machines.
The company's offices are located in the Industrial Zone of Caesarea, Israel.
The company places special emphasis on its cutting edge service,
and assures its clients a quick and effective response. SMARTVEND exclusively markets the NEO, an innovative and advanced drink dispensing machine.


Yaron Litman is Founder and General Manager of the company.
He has extensive administrative and practical experience with drink machines. Prior to establishing SMARTVEND, Yaron acted as the Vice President of Operations for the national company, Mashkar. Yaron Litman has vast experience in operations and administrative logistics, maintenance, acquisitions, and equipment. He also possesses a deep understanding of all technical, logistical and operational aspects of vending machines. Yaron Litman is involved and has ties with all SMARTVEND customers, and is personally active in all the marketing processes, sales, and customer service.

Tel +972-50-3037326 | Ha'alon 42, Kiriat Ekron