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The NEO are the flagship machines of the SMARTVEND Company. They present a line of revolutionary features which makes them champions of the field of drink vending machines.

NEO are big on performance, small in dimensions, and giant in capacity.

  • Machine dimensions are: width 55cm, depth 64cm, height 184cm
  • Capacity: 900 cups (180cc), 12 powder containers, holding approximately 4 kilos per container, and 2 liters of fresh milk.
  • NEO offers a giant selection of drinks - up to 90 different types of drinks. A first in the world of vending machines - the ability to dispense fresh milk, mixed with grains and croutons.

The NEO's Fabulous Design

  • Stunning and luxurious
  • Glass plated exterior (8mm)
  • Modern LED lighted display
  • Touch-key contacts on the glass
  • "Elevator' Cup dispensing

NEO Advanced Technology

  • The NEO is a machine with few parts
  • One piece motor
  • No faucets for hot water
  • No plates of food substances
  • No piping for drinks
  • One electrical column for each machine

NEO Is Easily Repaired

  • Constructed from few parts
  • Every part can be taken apart and replaced in moments by a non-technician
  • In case of failure, the machine performs a self-diagnostic and reports the faulty part
  • The machine parts are inexpensive, made to be replaced, not repaired

NEO Is Economical and User-Friendly

  • New LED display technology assures many years of lighting
  • 80% savings on electricity for lighting
  • More than 50% savings on electricity when in 'stand-by' mode

NEO Remote Surveillance and Control (Comming soon)

  • Long distance control system
  • Receiving data on cash sales
  • Receiving information on sales and inventory quantity
  • Receiving warnings on discrepencies or break downs
  • Updates product prices
  • Programs and changes in the make-up of the drinks
  • Updates current programs of the machine

NEO - What Doesn't It Have?

  • Problems with mineral deposits in taps and heating elements
  • Hot water faucets
  • Dripping mixers
  • Trays and pipes with bacteria from remains of drinks
  • Complicated electrical cables and wiring
  • Lots of time spent on cleaning, maintenance and repairs.

Tel +972-50-3037326 | Ha'alon 42, Kiriat Ekron